Marie and Twanette’s Cafe and Bakery was born as a collaboration between sisters Teresa Blalock and Judy Early. Teresa and Judy were raised in Catawba County, and have fostered a love of baking, the gift of hospitality, and an entrepreneurial spirit since their childhoods.

Judy has been baking cakes since her 7th birthday, when she was given the coveted 1970′s model “Easy Bake Oven”! She remembers making tier after tier of those wonderful little 3″ layers; filling, stacking, and frosting her way to a grand dessert! Her sisters all teased her, calling her “Betty Crocker”; these days, she prefers “Cake Boss”!

Judy graduated from Appalachian State University in May of 1992, was married shortly after and began her career as an accountant. Working and raising a family, her passion for cooking, baking and entertaining blossomed. Since those first days with the Easy Bake Oven, she secretly dreamed of baking and decorating cakes that people would enjoy over their special occasions.
After her daughter’s 16th birthday and receiving rave reviews on the 4 tier cake she created for Melissa, and upon her family’s persistent urging, she opened a home bakery in early 2011 and Marie & Twannette’s was founded.

Married since 1985, Teresa has been a devoted family woman. She has been involved in many activities, organizations, projects and endeavors over the years, as homeschooling her children, and owning a children’s consignment store. Among her passions has always been a love for cooking and baking. Providing 25 years worth of delicious meals and desserts for her family and
friends has honed her skills. She dreamed of running a coffee shop, which she new would put her skills to the test.

In the Fall of 2011, the timing was finally right, and Teresa began her pursuit of finding the perfect location for a coffee shop. Judy was building her cake business and needed to find a storefront to better accommodate her customers. They realized that the bakery and coffee shop were a perfect fit and the success of both businesses would be greater if they combined their resources, efforts and ideas. Marie and Twanette’s Cafe and Bakery became an expression of the
sister’s passions, skills and dreams.

Marie and Twannette’s Cafe and Bakery offers high quality products that are scratch made from natural ingredients guaranteed to satisfy. Just as importantly, their products are served with hospitality in a comfortable and inviting setting that keeps you coming back for more.